Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Pictures by James Vyn
ROOM TOUR & DINNER AT LEONTO If you are following me on twitter, facebook or instagram you already know that I have spent my week-end in Davos at the amazing Grischa hotel. I have been telling you about a very special announcement that I was going to share with you guys and here it is : we just started working with the most awesome travel company called weekend4two, so each month you will be able to travel with us through the pages of this blog to discover new exciting destinations. The goal is that you guys live the experiences with us, obivously if you go on weekend4two's website you can see a lot of different packs with gorgeous pictures and well written texts, but it is totally different than having a closer look to the offer from someone who actually experienced it. So I would definitely recommend you to check out their website, they have got some amazing trip offers and in this post you are going to discover one of them!

Our first trip with weekend4two was in Davos at the cozy Grischa hotel. First impression? I thought summer definitely was over, and that were were back to the comforable chalet winter. The hotel is a huge red building at Davos Platz, you can't miss it. Once you're inside, you can only be amazed by the gorgeous design of the hotel. It is a typical chalet atmosphere still with a strong modern feel. If you have a look at the offer on internet you can see that it is a romantic destination, therefore we were welcomed with glasses of Proseco and the most delicious box of chocolates ever. James and I enjoyed them in our suite while relaxing before our dinner at the Leonto gourmet restaurant which was also included in the pack. After discovering our room, we got ready to go out. Leonto is one of the five restaurants at the Grischa hotel. The service was amazing such as the place and the food, we were absolutely full and delighted by the lovely evening we spend. Our table was covered with rose petals, and the room was absolutely empty, the most romantic atmosphere I've ever experienced.

Here are some pictures of our room and also of the dinner, stay updated because tomorrow I am going to show you the hotel, it's design and of course the other restaurants. Don't forget to check out the Grischa hotel romantic pack offer on Week-End 4 Two by clicking on this link. Get ready for Davos!

TURTLENECK : American Apparel
MAKE-UP : All Yves Saint Laurent

Suite Weisshorn


We had the chance to experience a candle light dinner composed of five courses including the dessert. Also not to mention that before you start with the dishes, you get to try various delicious apetizers such as little herb butters creams with fresh bread, tiny roast beef bites and some little soups and jellies.

Saffron and herb butter creams served with bread before dinner.
Roastbeef bite
1. COURSE : ''Carpaccio from beef with parmesan cheese splits''
2. COURSE ''Radish cream soup with chervil foam and ravioli filled with corn poulard''
Please note that we didn't have time to take picture of the third dish, why? Simply because we couldn't wait to start. It was a ''Saffron Risotto with fresh chanterellles and cherry tomatoes''.

4. COURSE : ''Sucking calf steak davos style on port wine reduction, Sautéed early potatoes, colorful vegetable''
5. COURSE : ''Creation out of the Black Forest''



VLOG So after months of requests the hair care video is finally online. Must admit that I had some real troubles uploading it since I have a new computer and didn't really knew how all the video programs worked. I tried to used Final Cut pro, but gave up thinking that I'll try it out for the next video and simply used the oldie movie maker which is so simple to use. So at first I wasn't even sure of what I was going to say in this video since my hair care routine is extremely simple, I don't use that many products compared to some other people and so I decided to include in the video a couple of extra tips on what you can actually do at home with a low budget to achieve a perfectly healthy hair. So en resumé : for damaged hair try out some smashed avocado as a mask that you leave on your hair for 5 minutes. Rinse it off and you can already see the incredible effect. For oily hair, add a litle bit of lime juicy in youe shampoo or in your rinse off water. Flat, thin hair type can try out beer shampoo to give it some extra volume.

The products I am featuring in this video are almost all from L'Oréal, I love the brand because they have so many different lines, different prices and every hair type can find it's perfectly adapted product. I have been using the Elsève Re-Nutrition shampoo for years now, such as the Nutrigloss conditionner. I can't leave for a trip without taking these two products with me because they are perfet for my hair and make them so healthy and silky, it's addictiv. Then I use a lot of different volume mousses, I 've tried a lot of different ones and two of my favourites are from Syoss and L'Oréal. If you take just a little quantity of mousse, put it on your hair after the shower while it is still wet and dry your hair with your head up side down, then you will achieve a gorgeous brushing/volume effect. 

I hope my advice helped you, as I said in the video I've decided to start making videos more often. I think vlogging is a great way to intereact with you guys, it is a more direct approach and I already have so much I want to share with you. Of course if you have any other question or video request please feel free to let me know and I would love to answer you in this post!

Monday, July 30, 2012


Pictures by James Vyn
SECOND DAY IN MONTREUX Doesn't it looks like I've just cut my hair in this very first picture? Well, just to let you know guys I didn't, guess I am still very attached to my long hair so it is simply hidden in the back. But I absolutely love the effect that the sun produced on my hair, it looks like my roots are lavender and then it makes a sunny degradé in my hair. Quite special isn't it? So this week-end James and I were away in Davos for a little project, you guys might have got a little preview if you follow me on twitter or instagram. But before showing you the pictures we shot there and before announcing you the cool news, I wanted to share with you those pictures we shot during our stay in Montreux last week. This place is heaven, it feels like I am miles away from home, on holidays in a compelety isolated country while I am actually 40minutes from my place. The weather was more than beautiful, Montreux has the particularity to have quite a different climat than the rest of the country because of it's geographical position.

I have chosen to wear for the day a new short I just got from ''In Love With Fashion'', I love how it is so delicate yet with this little twist of coulour which adds everything to the outfit. Matched it to a white blazer from Minusey, a Michael Kors wallet and some new Just Anna Shoes jellies, which the kind Anna was so kind to send me. Thank you again for this beautiful gift. I decided to go with a minimalistic look, no jewerly except of the Cartier Love bracelet which I obviously am not taking of since it is quite a special bracelet that requires a whole procedure to take it away. I don't know what I have with white shades lately, but I have been absolutely obcessing over them. Each time I'm shopping my eye instantly gets attracted to white colours. In need of purity and softness maybe. Enjoy the pictures and see you tomorrow!

BLAZER : Minusey
JELLIES : Just Anna Shoes
WALLET : Michael Kors
NAILS : Hands Dior ''Beige Safari'', feet O.P.I ''All A-Bordeaux The Sled!''