Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Pictures by JAMES VYN
 CASUAL CHIC Back to reality, after a perfect week away from my life in Switzerland it is time to go back to school and concentrate a little ( especially on maths...). Since it is holidays, I have a couple of days to do so. Which is a really a good thing. And yes, I had to trade Paris fashion week, to school studies. That's what scholar sacrifices are about isn't it? Anyway, finishing my high school is my main goal right now, so a little work on that is needed! The weather here is lovely, I am enjoy taking long walks with James under the sun. Feels so nice. It is pleasant to see that europe finally welcomes spring. Hurray!
During my trip in New York I have discovered many new shops and designers. This gorgeous
Vince Camuto royal blue clutch is one of my favourite new item. The golden ornament reminds me somehow of Hermes, who also uses this kind of metalic/stud decoration on their belts and bracelets. And I absolutely love it. My outfit of the day plays around that clutch, so I decided to pair it to a classic forever 21 blue shirt which remind the colour of the clutch, some brown shorts that bring a cool contrats and finally basic details such as the heels and the classic black blazer. Let's not forget the lovely Michael Kors watch that I've been craving for so long, it is finally around my wrist.

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SHIRT : Forever 21
CLUTCH : Vince Camuto
LIPSTICK : YSL red muse
WATCH : Michael Kors

Monday, February 27, 2012


Pictures by JAMES VYN

FLOWERS Back to the hometown, back in Switzerland. Even though it didn't seem enchanting to be back in the cold and leave New York, I was quite amazed by the unbelievable weather waiting me back home. I guess spring is almost here and I swear, we went from -3 degrees in the morning to almost 15 in the afternoon! How crazy is that? It was a good occasion to savour a couple of hours whitout a coat, and you know what? It feels so incredibly good. Just a simple blazer, one pair of tights instead of 3.. Also, nice weather, sun and everything is a marvelous remedy against bad mood. Therefore, I almost forgot NYC and was so happy to enjoy a couple of hours under the sun.
When I was reading Elle, or Vogue or Bazaar I noticed that the flower print trend is almost everywhere now, I guess I am not the only one craving for spring am I? Anyway, I simply love it, and as soon as I saw this blazer in Zara I knew it was going to be perfect matched to my new Aldo neon pink clutch that I found during my trip to the big apple. What do you think about it? To finish the look I decided to wear an Isabel Lu blouse, Style Sofia skirt and a touch of Girl about town from M.A.C on the lips. Smooch.

BAG : Aldo
RING : Aldo
BRACELET : Parfois
LIPSTICK : Girl about town from M.A.C

Friday, February 24, 2012


Pictures by JAMES VYN
RUNNING IN NEW YORK We began our day at lunch time. Because of the jetlag I was litteraly dying to stay in bed, and even though breakfast is my favourite meal, I quickly forget about it to savour a couple more minutes in the hotel room. So to start the day we went to the Tao restaurant for a little brunch, James and I needed some extra protein and sugar to get ready for our busy day. I have heard a lot about this place, and really wanted to try it out. Well you know what? I wasn't disappointed, the food was indeed delicious and I highly recommend the crispy coconut giant shrimps which were delicious ( also, don't forget to trys them out the dumpling, you absolutely must to). After our lunch break, it was time to catch a cab and head off to the Victor Luna fashion presentation. We even arrived a little early, so I had time to make a few pictures. The Luna collection was surprising, I loved the idea of picture prints matched to very basic and graphic structres. During the presentation I even got the chance to meet Brooke and Kimberley ( Okay, I'm not quite sure if that's their name, but I think it suits them prety well, will you recognize them in the pictures?). At the end of the show, we headed to the fifth avenue for some light shopping ( James bouth an amazinf watch by Guess) and ended our day at the Rue 27 restaurant where we enjoyed the most delicious apple pie I have ever tried in my life. Hmm.. New York is for sure full of pleasant surprises.

COAT : Vintage
SHIRT : Vintage
BAG : Jelmolli
RING : Aldo

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Pictures by JAMES VYN

SILK AND CREAMS Valentine's day was the perfect occasion to shop for pretty silk pyjama, musc scented creams and body mists. Each time I enter a Victoria's secret shop my head goes round, and it is like entering a girl's boudoir full of pink couches and enchanting body treatment bottles. Because there's no VS in Europe, I always make sure to test all the new products out, smell all the frangances and buy some body lotions to bring back to friends and family (every woman enjoys receiving this type of souvenir present) when I have the chance to be in the States. It is crazy how a shop can create such a vibrant atmosphere. The brand has been so succesfull these past years, I bet the VS art and marketing directors really did well their job. Not only the models of the brand look gorgeous and are looking at you like saying "smell the frangance, buy the frangance", but the packaging is also amazing. However, I kind of learned to resist to all those temptations ( after a couple of years of practice of course, it stays hard to resist on the 3 for 25 dollar thing). I came that day to buy a bathing robe, since I really wanted to find a pretty one, and get some body milks for my friends. And guess what, no big deal. I've bought only the things I needed. Yep, I get reasonable, or at least I try to which is a good thing aswell. I guess I grew up to endlessily fall for all those pink stuff, I mean do we really need all that? However, sometimes, it feels so nice to feel really girly, isn't it?