Tuesday, August 30, 2011


 @ THE NEW NESPRESSO LOUNGE Today was a very busy day, full of work for school, things to think about and my preparation for the contest. I took up a few sport classes and worked a bit at the gym to feel fit and ready on the big day. However, I won't become a sport-a-holic anyway that is for sure. I bit of running and a healthy way of living is the best thing looking forward to the end of september. After spending the day in town, my mother and I went at the new Nespresso lounge where they serve delicious frozen coffees, and amazing capuccinos. Their desserts are also lovely, very fresh. I had a great time there after my lessons and enjoyed a hot latte.

I received this green skirt a while ago, and I had so many ideas of combinations : green inspires me so much those past weeks. I feel like it is going to be my colour for fall, that is for sure. Since I was a bit in a hurry that day, I took this white Isabel Lu shirt with this www.stylesofia.com banded green skirt and some heels and litterally run out from home. I think the result is good for such a rush. What do you think?

I am also happy to let you know that from today on you will be able to take part in a www.STYLESOFIA.com giveaway, you can win these gorgeous pair of scalloped blue shorts CLICK.
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Sunday, August 28, 2011



BY THE CASINO During our week-end in Montreux James and I couldn't escape the ''go walk the dog'' since we were staying at his family's place. Therefore we had to go on a promenade with the lovely Tess and of course I managed to take my new Miu Miu with to make some pictures in town. Of course one of the most gorgeous place in Montreux is not only the border of the lake with it's incredible view, but also the Casino with all it's restaurants and bars where you can have a delicious cocktail after a walk on the port.

This must be one of my favourite outfits so far, it is very simple and minimalistic but I think that the combination is perfect. With that kind of sparkly shoes I wanted my look to stay polished and not over-the-top : I paired those amazing glitter cavallis to a nude dress and a little black clutch with golden detailings and I think the result is pretty good. I can not wait to try different combination with this pair, they are definetly my favourite fall item.

DRESS : Zara
SHOES : Miu Miu
CLUTCH : Vintage
RING : Vintage


BACK TO SCHOOL WEEK Well this week has been for sure full of new informations and... books. However I am happy about the fact that I managed to find some time for little pleasures and of course to make some goodies pictures. It might not be interesting for you to see my new Math book, so I won't bother you with that, therefore I prefere to show you some new things I got this week that have nothing to do with school, now that it's the week-end, or at least what is left of it, let's not think about work.

The miss suisse contest is in a week, and I have received many gifts and letters that wished me good luck. It gives me so much motivation, and I feel happy and excited to live that new experience. I can't believe it is in less than a month, time runs so fast. I let you have a look at this week's pictures! Enjoy your sunday night!

Pistache and Raspberry Movenpick ice creams, James and I's favourite ice cream flavours for summer.

The amazing view from the port of Montreux : breathtaking.

I just received this beldona ''good luck for miss swiss'' package, how sweet : this is so lovely.

I love those cantuccini biscuits, they are salty and sweet at the same time and perfect with coffee and tea.

A new discovery : this strawberry jelly is perfect with toasts and whole grain bread : the best find to start the day in a good mood.

My three O.P.I fall colours choice : ''Don't mess with O.P.I'', ''San Tan-tonio'' and ''All a-bordeaux the sled!''

A new light blue clutch I got from www.romwe.com

Some new jewerly storaging, I think that these little glass cups are perfect for rings.

My new obcession : tea. It is like that each year actually, when fall is approaching tea is the perfect remedy for weather changes.

Have you ever tried Dr. Feelgood from benefit? It makes your skin so smooth and flawless, one of the best skin care product I have tried out recently.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


RELAXING AFTERNOON It is hard to get back to the school rythm. Early mornings, coffee based drinks all day long to keep it up and sometimes true brain meltdown when the day was too long and full of new informations. However, everybody goes through this and I guess it is better to deal with it. A great idea to keep the good mood is to spend quality time with family and friends after the work, throwing on some high heels and a nice outfit just to get a bit more confidence and going for dinner in a nice place.

That is what I did a few days ago with my mother, I needed some fresh air and a good summer salade. Usually, I associate ruffles to old granny's wardrobe pieces, however when I saw this ruffled sleeve Isabel Lu blouse, I thought it looked pretty good for an afternoon in town. Paired to this, I have chosen one personal designed necklace made of golden metal geometrical pieces with a black silk rubon. The necklace matches quiet good my vintage old clutch.

SHIRT : Isabel Lu
CLUTCH : Vintage
NECKLACE : Personal Design

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


ONE MONTH LEFT We are the 24 August, in exactly one month I will be in Lugano on stage for the Miss Switzerland contest. This is for sure an experiment am trully looking forward to and the most important thing to me is of course to enjoy the show and have a blast of this amazing and for sure unforgetable night. As the date is slowly approaching I try to stay calm, and not think about it too much. What must happen will happen, and  I think it is a good way to see things : I am not scared to be dissapointed because I won't be. I am already so happy to have such a great opportunity.

If you guys have international chanels, you can watch the show on the 24 September on the swiss chanel RSI, it would mean a lot to me.This being said, I let you have a look at the pictures that were made by Thomas Buchwalder during the Miss Camp in Zermatt. These photos are actually some snapshots of the video that were made, where you can see each candidate playing with the camera while the song ''Hypnotize you'' by N.E.R.D dances in the backround. CLICK HERE to see the video.