Thursday, June 30, 2011


 SOUVENIRS Dear friends, here is the second part of the pictures I would like to share with you from my trip to Zermatt with the Miss Suisse camp. I took these shots with the fuji camera all the candidates received from, such an amazing gift. It is a great camera for taking photos on holidays, in the mountains or even under the water. But still I have misses my oldie Canon.

You can see here a sneak peak of my week, between video filmings at the hotel CERVO and the beautiful swiss landscape. Enjoy the pictures, there are still more coming up :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


BACK HOME I was so happy to return home and see all my family, friends and James. Even though my week in Zermatt was marvelous I have missed all my folks and could't wait no longer to see them all. Also back in Lausanne, my little streets I know so well. Feels good.

The other day I received a package from FABISHOES.IT, such an amazing gift. The packaging is gorgeous, with a dark blue pearl box and a satin dark blue bag, the fabi shoes look like a little treasure I couln'd wait to wear. You guys absolutely have to check their online store, they are an Italian brand and their shoes are pure jewels. Here I am wearing some peep toe high heels made of soft silk, so comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Also just got this red dress from which is also a great online web-sotre that sale incredibly beautiful garments.

DRESS  : / SHOES : / GLASSES : Vintage / BELT : H&M 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

ZERMATT ( part l)

MISS SUISSE EXPERIENCE  Here are the first pictures of Zermatt, an amazing week I really want to share with you guys. I arrived there on Saturday and as soon as we entered the hotel we started the hard work. We received our planning each day, and it was full of interesting things such as video and photo shootings, interviews and meetings. I have learned so many great and usefull things and also I really enjoyed our stay in the fabulous hotel ''CERVO''. It was trully beautiful , the food was delicious and I am so glad to have met so many amazing people. If you are once in Zermatt, I totally advice you to stay a night in hotel Cervo, the service is incredible and the athmosphere is unbelievably friendly.

The pictures you see here were made on tuesday afternoon, when we celebrated one of the candidate's birthday with a barbecue and a marvelous strawberry  cake. I decided to wear my new H&M peach shade dress with a H&M light pink cluth, I will post some more pictures, simply can't wait to show you all! 

Friday, June 24, 2011


BACK TO REALITY Well today was my last day by miss camp on zermatt, I must say I will miss everybody so much but I am also really excited to go back home and to rest. Start some sport and also eat healthier because those last days it was all about good desserts and yummy food, I really want to give my best for the miss election so it's time for some heavy swimming and running.

For the first time, I made some pictures with my dad in town just before we went with my family for some dinner in " La Table d'Edgar", to celebrate my election in the miss suisse contest and also the end of my second year of high school, there we had the best summer cocktails with some grilled salted almonds and some sushis. I chose a really minimalistic outfit for this evening dinner, with light cream and pink shades. Some high heels and a light blue nailpolish to finish the look.

TOP : Zara  / SHORT : Zara / SHOES : Just Anna Shoes / CLUTCH : H&M/