Saturday, April 30, 2011


 Perhaps I'm not such of an jewerly addict, most of my outfits are very minimalistic and I wear a really little amout of jewerly. It's very rare to see me with earrings on necklaces, but yet sometimes I love playing with all those little pendants.
Above it all, chains are my favourit kind of jewerly : it's elegant and trashy at the same time. However, I also prefer wearing silver than gold. It actually totally depend of my mood. So here it is : I did today a little shooting essay with some on my favourite jewerly. Rings and necklaces, bracelets! Most of them come from H&M or claire's, a lot are also vintage. Enjoy :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fashion Salade Experience

Hey Guys! What a great morning, sun's really hot. Perfect day to share with you my fashion salad experience.
A few months ago I was contacted by the FS team to come to madrid for a fashion shooting for their new web-site. The concept? As an icon I got to choose some outfits for a little shoot. The pictures will get posted on the web-site in the fashion icon section and you can vote for your favourite one CLICK HERE if you want to check their page :).
It was a really great experience, I got to meet a lot of cool people and I really enjoyed spain. It's such an active city. All the streets are crowded until dawn, very different from switzerland. Here are a few pictures from the shooting.
Have a nice day you all!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And you give yourself away

 Taking a walk by the lake in Montreux never felt so good. Eating ice-creams and enjoying the cool weather really makes me happy in spring, what do you need more that a little sun and a little cup of caramel frozen cream. The light was perfect for some pictures, hope you like this set.
The outfit is so comfortable, a light isabel lu dress with orange lipstick and mulburry bag. Feels great to feel the hair and dress float as the wind blows slowly in it's cool day.

Dress : Isabel Lu ( )/ Shoes : Saint Marina / Blazer : Zara / Bag : London Vintage Mulburry / Bracelets : Forvever 21

Monday, April 25, 2011

Tangerine Pants & Leather Jacket
 The question is : are this pants orange or red? I say it's tangerine :). Okay so this look is perfect for cold spring days. Even though we all are delighted with the nice swiss weather, it is not rare that a little wind shows up, and you just have to take out the warm jackets from your closet. Leather jackets will anyway always be fashionable, anytime, anywhere.

Leather Jacket : H&M / Bag : Chanel Vintage / Denim Top : H&M / Pants : ZARA /

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Make-up Products
 Hi guys as so many of you have requested, here is a post speaking about the beauty products I use. I though it was I good idea, make-up has always been a great hobby for me and I think that cosmetics really add something to an outfit. Especially the lipsticks, they really add this little touch of colour to a look which I really enjoy.
My favourite beauty products are Too Faced's, It is a brand you can find in sephora shops all over the world. The quality is amazing and the designs are wicked! So here are pictures of the make-up I use daily. I always do the same eye make-up. It stays very basic in brown shades, I prefer to accentuate the lips.

1. Too Faced "Amazing Face" skin balancing flexible coverage foundation powder ( it's a great powder to wear alone or over foundation)
2. Too Faced "Chocolate Soleil" matte bronzing powder with real cocoa ( AMAZING blush, the best one I swear, it smells and TASTE chocolate)
3. Clinic anti-blemish solutions liquid foundation ( great foundation, I really recomend for every tipe of skin)

1. Too Faced eye shadow duo in " Teddy bear and heaven" ( basic shadow for my every day make-up)
2. Lancome " L'extreme" ( best mascara from lancome! love it)
3. Essence " liquid eye liner" ( it's really easy to use and the line is highly precise)
4. Too Faced " eye shadow insurance" ( keeps your eye shadow perfect for the whole day)

Here's a zoom to my basic eye make-up, it's thick strike of black eye liner, with on the lid heaven of too faced and upper lid a darker tone : teddy bear. With tons of lancome's mascara.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Creamy Skirt
 Silky and creamy like a vanilla cream, this light beige mango skirt really floats each time there is a fresh spring breeze showing up. The fact that she's very long is also nice, it changes. We made those photos with Olivia a few days ago, the weather was amazing sun was shining so good! Spring is so relaxing, and yet it is easter holidays.
I wish you all guys a happy easter :)

Bag : Cosmo/ Skirt : Mango/ Belt : Zara/ Top : Yes or No/ Bracelet : Madisson

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Black roses and Nude dress
Nude is such an amazing colour, it fits absolutly everything. It's the colour of skin and looks so soft and powdery. This dress comes from zara ( from zara no way!). Okay I kind of tend to dress only there those past days.. Shame on me. But as I already said in a lot of my posts, their collection is all I need : nudes, oranges and pinks. The perfect summer trends. The shoes are pretty amazing too, they add this little lift to the outfit, make it a little less classic and a little more original. You can see this little colour add on a lot of fashions shows and spring campaigns such as fendi's. As for the bag it's a very old Louis Vuitton that my mother offered to me a few years ago. Orange is definetlly back, can't wait to post more looks with orange outfits! yay

Shoes-Dress : Zara / Bag : Louis Vuitton / Bracelet : made by my own / Lipstick : mix of vegas volt M.A.C and lip tint

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The day after today, before tomorrow, between tuesday and wednesday.

Mid-lenght skirt yay! Aren't you all guys tired of those mini skirt.. We need some fresh air here please. Mini skirts are symbol of yough let's say, but why can't we wear longer ones? I've tried with this one from mango, and it's very nice. It gives some punch to the look : kind of a feel back to the 50's were showing leg's was to hot to damn sexy forbidden. Just to add a bit of structure I added a leather ginger belt. The black fits well every colour, but I've chosen to wear a  nude body and also some black transparent tights to make a contrast.

Body : can't remember where i got it. ( guess you can find a good one at american apparel)
Skirt : Mango
Shoes : Bally
Belt : zara
Bracelet : Made of my own
Bag : Lv

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I wish I could be a Clover
 Switzerland is such a beautiful place. Yesterday james made me discover a brand new spot in the hills of Lausanne where you can see the whole city. So amazing. Swiss is a counrty full of marvelous hidden streets and parcs, it's a real little treasure quest finding the perfect little emplacement but it is so easy because most of the places here are so pretty.So if you guys don't have ideas for your summer trips : come and check out the chocolate and watches land.
This outfit was made really spontaneously, I can't stop my self from buying clothes from zara because of all the wonderfull colours and shapes they have. I really think they have right now the best collection ever.
This dress is very comfortable and the textil is very light, so it is perfect for summer and spring. I simply added some black details for more "elegance".

Bag : Louis Vuitton
Bag : Chanel
Lip Stick : YSL 135 rouge pur

Monday, April 11, 2011


 Good evemimg everyone. Just wanted to end the day with a beauty post, because yes make-up can really add something to an outfit, and especially lipstick. It is a touch of colour which will add a lot of originality to a look.
So here are my three lipstick choices for this spring. Perhaps you guys have seen the fendi 2011 spring fashion show if you haven't click here, well you can notice a lot of popping shades on the lips. It really gives some excentricity to an outfit. The three lipsticks are from M.A.C.

1. The first one is vegas volt. Definitly my favourite tone for this season. Orange is everywhere right now. Let's just use and abuse of it.
2. Seconde one is saint-germain, the one I wore in my last look called the same way. It's a very opaque light pink. You kind of have to dare to wear it because the colour is so unusual and flashy.
3. And last but not least, a hot pink called girl about town. Pink is also a huge trend right now. Wear this lipstick with white or nude tones to make the lips stand out as much as possible.
1. M.A.C "Vegas Volt"
2. M.A.C "Saint-Germain"
3. M.A.C "Girl about town"
Shirt : ZARA

Friday, April 8, 2011


Geneva looks so gorgeous in the evening.. The colours get all soft and warm, and as you are walking by the cozy restaurants, you can smell the aromat of spices and meat and admire the vue. I guess I get all romantic in spring time, but it is lovely to finally watch the days last longer and the sun set down at eight o'clock instead of five. It's also so great to be able to enjoy walking in the streets with no coat on and feeling the fresh breeze. I love spring. So here are some picture we made yesterday with james. I really enjoyed the pink details of this outfit, the lipstick fits really well the chanel purse. I'm wearing my favourite trousers (actually so sad because I broke it's zip...) and some new nude heels I am so excited about.

Shirt/Trousers/Shoes : Zara
Purse : Chanel
Lipstick : M.A.C "saint-germain"
Nailpolish : Chanel Paradoxal